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Cosmetic Products Price List for Franchise

Cosmetic Products Price List for Franchise- Ready to be a part of a lucrative business deal? Invest in beauty and cosmetics. An impressive list of Kianext Healthcare gives an attractive business deal that indulges splendid benefits. To inspire entrepreneurs with a world of opportunities, we bring the service of third-party manufacturing. Dealing in dermatology sections, our skincare product is made with edge-cutting technology.

An outstanding endeavor like this can make your business reach new heights and gain customer satisfaction. It is an interesting investment where a brand offers you beauty products including various cosmetic elements.

Kianext Healthcare carefully manages its franchise unit and therefore has builds a Cosmetic Products Price List for Franchise businesses at commendable rates. We acknowledge the choices of customers and the later trends in the market therefore bringing vital cosmetic range. 

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Business Opportunity of Cosmetic Products by Kianext Healthcare

The cosmetics business has fueled the hearts and pockets of many. Notion India but globally people are investing in a wide range of beauty products. This includes face washes, hair and face serums, creams based on skin-friendly ingredients, and more. The Cosmetic Products Price List for Franchise is for those ambitious businessmen who wholeheartedly are ready to serve and experience the endeavoring of the beauty industry. Once invested, the industrial setup provides against like you own a gold mine. 

Unleash the potential of richness and professionally prepared Cosmetic Products Price List with Kianext Healthcare We offer our associates the world limitless opportunities. With a start-up business that deals in changing beauty standards, you can get a wide range of cosmetics, derma products, and others at your disposal. Kianext Healthcare is just one click away from offering you a term full business deal.  Whether you wish to lead the E-commerce world with the inline expansion of the beauty business or plan to set up your own Cosmetic Product Franchise, you will experience unmatched success with our collocation. 

Cosmetic Products Price List Franchise – Turing Dreams into Reality

Backed by cosmetic experts, Kianext Healthcare is aware that a businessman invests hard-earned money into the field of franchise. Securing the spaces of our associates in the market, we ensure that the offerings of products in the franchise business are based on territorial rights. 

If you have ever fantasized about the success of a Cosmetic Products Price List for a Franchise business then we are at your rescue. The beauty segments delivered by Kianext Healthcare are supported by the guidelines of ISO, GMP, and WHO. 

Our Cosmetics product list includes all the essentials that are relevant for the business associated with having a customer base. The products made under our observation team definitely provide the best results and relatively offer tremendous benefits at minimal prices.

Where in your franchise business you receive a price say Rs 1000, we provide it for Rs 700 with unmatched quality.  

Kianext Healthcare gives access to premium cosmetic pallets that exclusively offer benefits to the users. Our products are often found in the daily skincare regimens of many men and women. Partner with the derma industry’s most successful company today.  

Cosmetic Products Price List 

Here is an overview of the Cosmetic Products Price List for Franchise by Kianext Healthcare. Note that the below mentioned products are available for the delivery throughout country. We are a Gujarat-based dermatology company that is also a supplier, manufacturer, and franchise provider of cosmetics products. 

Cosmetic Products Prices List for Franchise

Compositions/ Products


CLINDAMYCIN  & Nicotinamide gel Skincare Ointment
Salicylic acid Face Wash Skincare Face wash
Glycerin, Shea Butter, Milk cream, Almond Oil, Olive oil & Avocado Oil Moisturizing bar Skincare Body Soap
Calamine, Aloe Vera and Light Liquid Paraffin Lotion Skincare Lotion
Honey Allantoin Aloe Vera, Vitamin E Phyto Squalane Lotion Sinkcare Lotion
Clobetasol Propionate, Neomycin Sulphate & miconazole Nitrate Cream Skincare ointment


Skincare Cream

  Lodochlorhydroxyquinoline, Tolnaftate, Neomycin Sulphate and Clobetasol

  Propionate Cream

Skincare Cream
LEECH OIL Hair oil

Why Kianext Healthcare?

Quality in the business matters and so does professionalism. There is no business with zero transparency and an affordable approach. Kianext Healthcare as the top-notch Cosmetic Products Price List for Franchise providers in India stands in the position of offering the products at the lowest rates. Following the norms and guidelines of the international committee, we, therefore, serve the rangers that beat the quality and standards of the others available in the market.

  • The business deals in available PAN India. 
  • We vision for revolutionary skincare products.
  • The cosmetology segment is set by R&D experts
  • The dermatology products are paraben-free and toxin-free made with zero cruelty.
  • As a trusted skincare brand, we have a diversified customer base. 

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