Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer in India

Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India

Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India – The Indian dermatology market is estimated to be the fastest-growing worldwide. The rise in skin diseases, improved awareness regarding skin health, and rising working population are some of the key marketing drivers for the expanding dermatology market in the world. Many businesses and entrepreneurs choose private-label manufacturing services to invest in the growing demand for derma products. Kianext is the best Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India offering the best range of derma products for sale and distribution. 

Kianext is a reliable Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India involved in formulating and manufacturing a wide array of cosmetic products. Reading this blog will give you valuable insights into the workings of Kianext and how we toil day and night to offer you the best private label services for your preferred cosmetic range. We have comprehensively covered how Kianext stands out from its competitors and strives to meet your specific business requirements. Collaborating with Kianext allows you to fully leverage the mutually beneficial agreement of private label manufacturing for cosmetic products. 

Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer in India

For any queries regarding the private label cosmetic manufacturing services in India, feel free to reach us at +91 9974552442, or +91 9974262492. You can also email to contact our customer support team. 

Leverage Your Business With Private Label Manufacturing of Cosmetic Products 

Private labeling in cosmetics has recently gained popularity among business investors. As the demand for derma products has increased, investments in derma products have also seen a positive shift. Private label manufacturing is an excellent way to cut down on production costs and sell the finished product under your brand name. The key components of private-label manufacturing include product formulation, packaging, and labeling to match the company’s brand. 

Collaborating with a trusted Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India is also essential to get access to top-quality cosmetic products for a successful business. Kianext with its elaborate experience in offering private label manufacturing services is an ideal business partner. The different ways through which you can benefit from private label manufacturing services are briefed below: 

  • A highly cost-effective way to enter the cosmetic market 
  • Work closely with cosmetic manufacturers to get control over product quality 
  • Give you the flexibility to update and modify your cosmetic products as per your preference
  • Offers plenty of time to invest in the marketing of cosmetic products. 

Best Product Range Offered for Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing in India 

Products are the face of any brand. A quality-oriented product line is a must to build a consumer base and have an established brand identity in the market. Kiannext is the top Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India, dealing in a diverse array of cosmetic and derma products all having high demand in the market. You can choose from our diverse array of products to avail private label manufacturing services. 

All the cosmetic products are made with premium raw materials and processed in a GMP-certified facility. Kianext is duly certified with ISO, GMP, and WHO certifications making us a credible name in the market. All our products have high demand in the market and are suitable for the private label manufacturing. You can also customize the cosmetics as per your preference and target consumers. 

Cosmetic Range Available for Private Label Manufacturing in India 

Sr. No


Services Offered



1 Soap PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Bar, Liquid Gentle cleansing and moisturizing, Dermatologist recommended
2 Serum PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Bottles, Ampoules Anti-aging, Brightening, Hydrating
3 Face Wash PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Tubes, Bottles Oil control, Acne-fighting, Gentle cleansing
4 Tablets PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Blister packs, Bottles Skin health support, Vitamin supplements
5 Syrups PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Bottles Skin nourishment, Hydration
6 Shampoo PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Bottles, Sachets Scalp care, Anti-dandruff, Hair Strengthening
7 Hair Oil PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Bottles Nourishing, Hair growth stimulation
8 Soft Gel Capsules PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Blister packs, Bottles Skin repair, Antioxidant support
9 Face Cream PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Jars, Tubes Moisturizing, Anti-wrinkle, SPF protection
10 Ointments PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Tubes, Jars Healing, Soothing, Anti-inflammatory
11 Lotion PCD Franchise, Private Labeling Bottles, Tubes Hydrating, Fast-absorbing, Non-greasy

An Overview of Our Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturing At Kianext 

At Kianext you can enjoy flexible and customizable private labeling services at an affordable price. Our company believes in building long-term relationships with all our clients. Besides, the best quality cosmetic products you can also customize the packaging and design of your preferred products. These customizations help you distinctly brand your business to attract a wide consumer base. Take a walk through our private label cosmetics manufacturing practices followed at Kianext for enhanced customer satisfaction. 

Step – 1: Choose Your Preferred Line of Products 

The first step of private labeling comprises the selection of products after careful research and analysis of the market. Our marketing experts are available to assist you throughout the process and help you select the best products as per your requirements. 

Step – 2:  Finalizing the Packaging of Products 

Packaging plays an important role in enhancing customer satisfaction. Kianext gives you the flexibility to redesign the packaging material to match your preferences. At Kianext we use premium packaging material that meets all the pharmaceutical standards. 

Step – 3: Batch of Sample Products 

After finalizing the products, you can also avail sample product batches to test the efficacy of the products.  The product sampling offers you the assurity needed to establish a long-term partnership. 

Step – 4: Artwork Finalization 

Kianext also helps you in selecting the artworks and designs that are in alignment with your brand values and ethics. Our designs are ever ready to assist you in designing the artwork and getting it finalized. 

Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India

Helpful Reviews from Our Clients 

Hear from our clients to know more about our private label manufacturing services in India. Our clients come from diverse professional backgrounds and have been associated with Kianext for a long time.

Dr. Ramesh Kulkarni – Dermatologist 

I have been associated with Kianext for over a year now and this partnership has been truly commendable. The team of Kianext has always been responsive to all my queries and problems. It is indeed one of the best Private Label Manufacturers in India. Their product line is loved by all my patients and shows amazing results.

 Kirti Mehra – Beauty Salon Owner 

My experience with Kianext’s Private Label Manufacturing services has been nothing short of exceptional. Their cosmetic range is up to par and meets the consistent demand for quality cosmetic products for my salon. From product quality to packaging, Kianext excels in all aspects.

Mr. Shubham Dhiman – E-commerce Entreupreuner 

Thanks, to Kianext and its best quality cosmetic range, my e-commerce business of cosmetics has taken off. The commendable cosmetic range offered by Kianext did a fabulous job of building a loyal consumer base for my business. Kianext is indeed a reliable name among Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India.

Stringent Quality Control Practices for Cosmetic Range

The quality control team at Kianext strongly emphasizes quality control and quality assurance of the cosmetic product range. Our quality control team systematically examines and tests all the derma products at various stages of production to identify and rectify defects or variations. These stringent quality measures ensure that all cosmetic products are perfectly suitable for private-label manufacturing services in India.

Besides, the quality control measures we give equally focus on the packaging of our product range. Using premium packaging ensures that our products reach our private-label manufacturing associates without any risk of contamination. This emphasis on the quality and safety of our product range makes Kianext one of India’s trusted Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers. We also adhere to a wide array of regulatory norms set by different approval bodies mentioned below:

  • Stability Testing Guidelines
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)
  • Pharmacopeial Standards
  • International Council for Harmonization (ICH)
  • Data Integrity Guidelines
  • Quality Risk Management

Partner With the Best Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturer in India

Kianext is among the leading Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India involved in the manufacturing of a diverse range of cosmetic products. We are backed up by a team of highly qualified professionals, dermatologists, and marketing strategists. ISO, GMP, and WHO certifications make Kianext a credible name in the dermatology market. After years of research and analysis, we have formulated a diverse array of cosmetic products, all suitable for private-label manufacturing in India. 

Your collaboration with Kianext will give you a competitive edge in the market. Our company has a well-developed manufacturing facility to cater to the bulk-manufacturing orders. We utilize fully automated machines to ensure quality products and enhanced productivity. The key benefits of associating with the best Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers in India are briefed below: 

  • Well-developed infrastructure to deliver bulk-manufacturing orders
  • Utilize our expertise to service potential new markets
  • Adherence to strict quality control measures 
  • A team of qualified professionals and dermatologists 
  • Million Products Produced Annually
  • Serving a diverse clientele base
  • Extensive experience in the dermatology industry

Contact At! 

Name: Kianext Healthcare 

Address: Kathwada GIDC Road No.5,

Kathwada, Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 382 430 (India)

Phone: +91 9974552442, +91 9974262492


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Are cosmetic products suitable for Private Label Manufacturing Services? 

Yes, cosmetic products are highly suitable for private-label manufacturing services all over India. Cosmetic products have high demand in the market and consumers have started preferring highly effective and safe derma solutions.  Getting private-label manufacturing services for cosmetic products is profitable.

2. Which cosmetic products are offered by Kianext for private labeling manufacturing? 

Kianext has formulated a diverse portfolio of cosmetic products with the expertise of dermatologists and pharmacists. All the products are made with the best quality raw materials processed in a certified manufacturing facility. You can choose your preferred cosmetic products for private labeling.

3. Can I use my branding and packaging with private label manufacturing services? 

Yes, you can use your preferred branding and packaging with private label manufacturing services offered by Kianext. You can also get sample batch products for your chosen cosmetics before finalizing the products. Kianext also allows you to customize packaging as per your preferences.

4. What are the advantages of using private label manufacturing services for cosmetic products? 

Cosmetic products have amassed a huge consumer base over the last few years. Instead of focusing on the manufacturing of products, many businessmen are choosing to outsource manufacturing with private label manufacturing services and focus on marketing and building a loyal consumer base for their cosmetic brand.